The Center is designed to serve as a trusted advisor to government on
delivering infrastructure of all kinds through public-private partnerships.
We intend to coach and mentor public sector staff on how to get deals done.

Principal, Michael Cheroutes
Center Manager, Matt Cheroutes
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Michael Cheroutes, Principal of the Center for Infrastructure Development, founded the organization in 2015 to help state and local governments and public sector entities accelerate the delivery of infrastructure across all sectors through private partnerships.  

Cheroutes created the enabling legislation and served as the first Director of the Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), a government-owned business enterprise within the state’s Department of Transportation.  Under his leadership, the HPTE began work on potential public-private partnerships for projects totaling more than $5 billion, including the US 36 BRT/Managed Lane project – recognized nationally as a model for the P3 delivery of multi-modal transportation and transit improvements— and a billion dollar plus viaduct replacement and new capacity project along Interstate 70. The US36 concession closed in March, 2014.  According to Cheroutes,

"The US 36 Express Lane Project is a nationally-recognized example of how leveraging a public-private partnership can deliver a critical multi-modal transportation systems that allow our economy to keep moving and growing." 

More recently, Cheroutes has consulted on a number of public projects, including creating and developing one of the first major airport P3 projects with DEN airports nearly two billion dollar Great Hall procurement, which recently made an award to a private vendor and has been ratified by City Council and the Mayor of Denver.  In addition to DEN airport, Cheroutes helped advise Kansas City on the MCI airport redevelopment project.  Mr. Cheroutes has presented and spoken at a number of industry conferences and forums, and continues to be actively involved in a number of educational and outreach initiatives.

Prior to his experience with the Center and the HPTE, Cheroutes was an attorney in private practice, with over forty years of government and project finance experience. His legal experience includes public private partnerships for infrastructure projects in this country and overseas and the ground breaking financings for the E-470 and NW Parkway toll roads and for the construction of Denver International Airport. 

My experience in this area has taught me that the informational elements, the public exchanges and communication elements, are every bit as important as the financial pieces — and I think that’s a unique perspective that I can bring to governments who are going to pursue these things, and a bit different from most in the consulting business who only know the private side.
— Michael Cheroutes, Director, Center for Infrastructure Investment

Cheroutes received NCPPP’s 2014 National Public-Private Partnership Leadership Award for helping Colorado to establish industry-leading practices and deliver new infrastructure for residents far faster and reliably than would have been possible with traditional financing.

Michael Cheroutes has raised awareness of public-private partnerships locally, statewide and nationally as an innovative tool to deliver infrastructure solutions to address critical transportation challenges in Colorado.
— John H. Hickenlooper, Governor, State of Colorado